Contractor PEP Groups Revamp and Re-emerge Post Covid

HRAI’s PEP Groups or “Peer Exchange Program Groups” have begun to re-emerge.  A PEP Group consist of HRAI Contractor members that meet to share valuable business knowledge with each other in addition to making friends and networking.  With the assistance of HRAI staff, HRAI Contractors form groups of approximately 6-12 non-competing contractors, matched according to their business type, size, market orientation and other factors. These groups offer contractors an opportunity to work together and improve their bottom line through this contractor-to-contractor business mentoring program.   

HRAI currently has three PEP groups, two provincial (Ontario) and one national in scope.  One of the provincial PEP Groups met last week (January 12th) in HRAI’s Boardroom for a day long session which saw them bring two new members into the group.  The second provincial group is currently determining if they will move forward and may be interested in bringing in new members (attention Ontario Residential contractors!).  The third group, which is national in focus and made up of commercial contractors is ready to reboot and start to meet again, they may be interested in bringing in a new commercial contractor member, preferably in Alberta or Saskatchewan. 

Whether you want to join an existing group or form a new group please click here for more information and a link to download an application form. 

For more information about the Peer Exchange Program or to submit your completed PEP application, contact Scott Papp, Manager, Key Account Manager at 1-800-267-2231 or 905-602-4700 ext. 233 or via email at 

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