Consultation & Webinar: Proposed administrative penalties regulation under Ontario's RRCEA (2016)

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has announced a 45-day consultation period (September 17 – November 1) on a proposed administrative penalties regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA, 2016) and its respective regulations:

  1. Tires Regulation (O. Reg. 225/18)
  2. Batteries Regulation (O. Reg. 30/20)
  3. Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Regulation (O. Reg. 522/20)
  4. Blue Box Regulation (O. Reg. 391/21)
  5. Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation (O. Reg. 449/21)

The proposed administrative penalties regulation establishes both a procedure for the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) to issue an order to pay an administrative penalty for non-compliance under the provisions of the RRCEA and a method for determining the amount of the administrative penalty.

The RRCEA governs the collection and diversion of waste from products under a producer responsibility framework for which RPRA is responsible for its oversight, compliance and enforcement. The Authority currently holds the power to undertake inspections, require regulated persons to respond to inquiries and prosecute offences. The proposed amendment extends to the Authority the ability to use monetary penalties to those found to be in noncompliance with the law. These penalties can be imposed by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the Authority as a tool to ensure compliance with the RRCEA and its regulations and prevent a person from economically benefiting from non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

The MECP will be holding a webinar session on October 6, 2021 to consult on the proposed administrative penalties regulation.

✱ To register and receive further meeting details, please email confirming participation

Members are encouraged to review the components of the proposed administrative penalties regulation on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) website at and prepare any questions or comments for the webinar session.

For questions about the proposed regulation, please contact:

Dale Gable, Manager Technology Projects, Resource Recovery Policy Branch at or 416-417-474

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