Cold and Hard Facts Refrigerants Q & A- March 16, 2023

A: In some cases, you can continue to use the same

compressors, heat exchangers, valves and controls you

used before. It is always necessary to check if components

may need to be modified before they are ready for a new


Check points may include:

• Oil and compressor approval for the new refrigerant. If not

replace with a compatible compressor,

• Components with gaskets must be compatible with the new

refrigerant and oils,

• Thermostatic expansion valves likely need to be adjusted or

even become replaced with a new version as it might need

a bulb charge that’s compatible with the new refrigerant to

allow good superheat control,

• Electronic expansion valve controllers may need new

refrigerant specific parameters. Set the new refrigerant in

the superheat controller for the electric expansion valve. If

the refrigerant is not in the list, use user-defined and input

parameters. Please note that Danfoss controllers already

include many of the lower-GWP refrigerants,

• Control devices like pressure switches might need to be

adjusted to the new refrigerant pressures.

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