City of Toronto Introduces Low Interest Energy Retrofit Loan Program

In 2021 the City of Toronto Council adopted its Existing Building Strategy, creating actions to transform and retrofit all buildings across the city by 2040 or sooner. The strategy includes plans for new performance targets limiting building emissions and creating pathways for buildings to achieve the TransformTO goal of net-zero emissions by 2040.

Leading building owners are encouraged to take proactive action to improve energy and avoid the challenges from future energy performance.

The City of Toronto has also launched new building owner support programs including low interest financing & technical expertise to maximize carbon reduction and community to ensure the success of the Existing Building Strategy.

Building Owners & Contractors with identified projects are invited to access the City's Energy Retrofit Loan (ERL) program to support up to 100% of the energy efficiency retrofit costs.

The ERL program just introduced low fixed term financing for UP TO 30 years, with no penalty for early repayment and PAYMENT FREE construction period.  An easy Expression of Interest can be submitted found HERE and submitted to   Once the application is  received  the City will match the applicant with a City representative to assist in preparing the applications and answer any program questions.

Those looking to identify low carbon project opportunities can access a Navigation and Support Services application HERE and submit to

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