Building HRAI’s Regionalization Efforts by Welcoming Newest Member in BC

Cal Geothermal Refrigeration and Heating Ltd. joins HRAI’s Contractor Membership.  Their goal is to provide technical services to customers in the Kamloops area for maximized comfort and efficiency.  Their commitment to customer service is seen in the A rating with the Better Business Bureau, understanding and abiding by all standards and regulations applicable to the HVAC industry, and educating customers on how to effectively to take advantage of rebates programs.

They are dedicated to supporting the reputation and success of HRAI and promoting the HVAC industry through their quality of work. President Calistus Edioke also holds HRAI’s  Residential Heat Loss Heat Gain Certification. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to Calistus Edioke, President

CAL GEOTHERMAL REFRIGERATION AND HEATING LTD., phone  778-586-4169 or email  Or check out their site:



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