ATCC Volunteer Contractor Receives Award for work on Prompt Payment Legislation in Alberta

HRAI is pleased to inform our membership that Terry Milot, Chairman of the Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC), has been awarded Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second’ Platinum Jubilee Medal for his exceptional qualities and outstanding service to the Province of Alberta on prompt payment in the construction industry. 

Terry has been Chairman of the Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC) for the last eight years. 

HRAI is a proud member of the ATCC which was formed January 1, 2014 by ten provincial trade contractor associations. The ATCC addresses trade contractor issues on behalf of thousands of independent Alberta business owners and their employees. 

Terry is an electrical contractor and Executive Vice President of The Chemco Group of Companies in Edmonton.  

It is important to point out that Terry is a full-time contractor with responsibilities to his company that includes heading the estimating department with annual sales up to $400 million.  

He began his career as an apprentice with Chemco.  Along the way he became an owner and accepted management responsibilities including business development. 

He maintains a full-time position with Chemco in these very trying times. 

Despite a demanding job, Terry found the time to Chair the ATCC during a very busy time. 

For the past two years we have been in weekly discussions with the Government of Alberta as they worked towards the implementation of prompt payment legislation. 

Terry’s contribution to this initiative cannot be overstated.  He demonstrated leadership, good humor, critical thinking, and collaboration.  He also showed enormous self-control as the circle of contributors grew to include those that were in direct opposition to all changes. 

A negotiator of significant skill, Terry always found a way to listen respectfully to opposing ideas then restate our position, maintaining our critical asks at every turn. 

Patience is a virtue. Thank goodness Terry is a towering example of what it looks like to be patient. On more than one occasion it seemed to be a hopeless cause. But the consummate professional, Terry held steady, and on Aug. 29, 2022, we crossed the finish line. 

If you are a HRAI member contractor in the Province of Alberta and would like to become more involved with he ATCC please contact Scott Papp, Key Account Manager, HRAI or (905) 602-4700 ext. 233

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