2021 HRAI Achievement Awards Profile: Gord Cooke

This December, Gord Cooke was among the 2021 HRAI Achievement Awards' honourees for earning the Institute's President's Recognition Award. The Building Knowledge Canada Inc. President was named for his long-running contributions to the industry and for being a respected role model among his peers.

“Gord has a huge knowledge base in the industry and is obviously well connected,” said Lauralei Heggie, Director of Business Development and Wholesaler Division with HRAI, adding, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the comment ‘Let’s ask Gord.’”  

Gord is known to peers as an industry expert, master storyteller, and long-time industry advocate. His insights and experiences continue to make him an asset to HRAI and the colleagues he’s partnered with over the years.

“What a wonderful pleasure it was to receive HRAI’s Presidents Award,” Gord said in his HRAI Awards video response. “I’m always challenging myself to be on a path of continual improvement and it’s been rewarding to see that some of the things that we’ve worked on have come to fruition and made some changes in the industry.”

The President's Recognition Award is given to an individual or member company who has made a significant contribution to HRAI and the industry during the preceding year or over a number of years. In 2021, it was given to both Gord Cooke and Victor Hyman, Executive Director of ClimateCare Canada. Watch Gord’s tribute video here!

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