Rob Andrushuk, C.Tech., CEM, RASDT, RHDT

Rob has over 23 years of experience with Manitoba Hydro as technical support regarding residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC equipment. He has conducted detailed monitoring on the performance of ground source heat pumps, air-source heat pumps, solar hot water, solar PV, and domestic water heating in Manitoba and produced a nationally recognized study.

Rob is an active CSA standards committee member on several standards related to HVAC equipment. He also has prior experience with installing, repairing and servicing heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and process equipment. Rob joined the HRAI Instructor team in the spring of 2015.

Francis Belle, RASDT, RHDT

With 30+ years of experience within the residential housing sector, Francis has an extensive background in home construction, building science and energy efficiency and has operated his own residential design and consulting firm since 1982. A Certified Energy Advisor for the Energuide for Houses Program operated by Natural Resources Canada, Francis has taught many building science programs and also acts as a conciliator for the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program. Francis was originally with the HRAI instructor team from 2007 to 2013 and rejoined the team in the Summer of 2017.




An Energy Programs Officer with Nova Scotia Home Builders Association since 2008, Dan, who is a certified Energy Advisor, is involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry including conducting energy audits, quality assurance inspections and promoting energy-efficient and affordable housing through Energy Star, EnerGuide Rating Service and R-2000. Dan has owned and operated Enersol-Home Energy Consulting Inc. since 2007 and he joined the HRAI Instructor team in the Spring of 2014.




Tom Cates, RASDT, RHDT

A licensed sheet metal mechanic and gas technician, Tom has been involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry for the past 30 years. Tom has worked for both large and small contracting companies in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and for a number of years, owned and operated his own metal fabricating company. Tom has been an instructor for HRAI since 2006.




John Harris, P.Eng, RASDT, RHDT

John has owned and operated a Building Science Consulting firm since 1999, and prior to that was in the engineering management field for 13 years. He is a registered Energy Advisor and Trainer for the Natural Resources Canada Energuide For Houses Program and he has taught a wide range of building science topics including Building Services for Architectural Technologists. John has been an instructor for HRAI since 2002.




Mike Vader

A licensed sheet metal mechanic, refrigeration mechanic and a master gas fitter, Mike began his career in the HVACR industry in 1978 and is also certified in commercial and residential geothermal design/installation. Mike was employed as a sheet metal instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology from 2002 until 2018 and also owns and operates an HVAC contracting and consulting company in the Edmonton area. Mike joined the HRAI instructor team in the spring of 2014.