Rob Andrushuk, C.Tech., CEM, RASDT, RHDT, RVDT

Rob has over 23 years of experience with Manitoba Hydro as technical support regarding residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC equipment. He has conducted detailed monitoring on the performance of ground source heat pumps, air-source heat pumps, solar hot water, solar PV, and domestic water heating in Manitoba and produced a nationally recognized study.

Rob is an active CSA standards committee member on several standards related to HVAC equipment. He also has prior experience with installing, repairing and servicing heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and process equipment. Rob joined the HRAI Instructor team in the spring of 2015.





An Energy Programs Officer with Nova Scotia Home Builders Association since 2008, Dan, who is a certified Energy Advisor, is involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry including conducting energy audits, quality assurance inspections and promoting energy-efficient and affordable housing through Energy Star, EnerGuide Rating Service and R-2000. Dan has owned and operated Enersol-Home Energy Consulting Inc. since 2007 and he joined the HRAI Instructor team in the Spring of 2014.






A licensed sheet metal mechanic and gas technician, Tom has been involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry for the past 30 years. Tom has worked for both large and small contracting companies in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and for a number of years, owned and operated his own metal fabricating company. Tom has been an instructor for HRAI since 2006.






John Harris, P.Eng, RASDT, RHDT

John has owned and operated a Building Science Consulting firm since 1999, and prior to that was in the engineering management field for 13 years. He is a registered Energy Advisor and Trainer for the Natural Resources Canada Energuide For Houses Program and he has taught a wide range of building science topics including Building Services for Architectural Technologists. John has been an instructor for HRAI since 2002.






Jeanine Jollineau, RASDT, RHDT, RVDT

Jeanine has owned and operated her own independent HVAC Design firm since 2007. She works on about 225 projects of varied complexity every year, focusing primarily on Part 9 Buildings. Prior to that, she was senior manager of a mechanical contracting firm involved primarily with residential new construction; both traditional fuels and geothermal installations. Jeanine has BCIN certification in four categories including Small Buildings and Building Services.

Jeanine enjoys being part of the project or renovation; working with installers, architects, builders and homeowners to meet the challenges of planning for comfort and efficiency in their HVAC systems. Specializing in custom homes and buildings, her attention to detail, accuracy and in-depth knowledge of the Ontario Building Code keep her in high demand. She joined the HRAI instructor team in 2020.


Nissun Feiner, C.E.T., CHD, RASDT, RHDT, RVDT

With a passion for learning, and for sharing his knowledge, Niss came to HRAI motivated to help others learn as well.

Niss has been in the HVAC industry since 2006 in both contracting and engineering roles. His industry experience covers a variety of occupancies including single & multi-family dwellings, commercial office & retail spaces, restaurants, and healthcare & industrial facilities. In 2010 he started a small design firm primarily focused on HVAC & Plumbing for Part 3 and Part 9 buildings.

A firm believer in continuing development and education he sits on the Board of Governors for the Toronto ASHRAE Chapter, and contributes at the society level of ASHRAE with his roles on various technical committees, standing committees, and publications. In 2019 Niss was the first Canadian to earn the Certified HVAC Designer (CHD) designation through ASHRAE in recognition of his knowledge and experience. Niss joined the HRAI instructor team in 2020.


Chris Walsh, RASDT, RHDT, RVDT

As a third generation Sheet Metal worker and HVAC designer, Chris has been involved in the HVAC industry since a very young age. The industry has always fascinated Chris, and for almost 20 years he has taken great pride in professionally providing comfort to people at home and work. 

In 2011, Chris began teaching the Sheet Metal Apprenticeship full-time at the Ontario Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre. After a few years as a full time instructor at he OSMWTC, Chris became the Training Coordinator at the Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre in Toronto; eventual taking on the role of Director of Training. It was here that Chris became involved with Red Seal Canada and the Ontario College of Trades as a subject matter expert, taking part in the development of a new provincial training curriculum and rewriting the national Red Seal exam. 

As a licensed Sheet Metal Worker and Gas Technician, Chris now owns and operates an HVAC company in Southwestern Ontario providing all HVAC services from inspection/consultation to heat load calculations to the installation of complete HVAC systems and accessories.  Chris joined the HRAI Instructor Team in early 2022.