Small Commercial Air System Design

Who would benefit from this course?

HVAC technicians, designers

What you will learn

This 3-day course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the small commercial Heat Gain & Heat Loss Calculations course. Participants will learn to properly design commercial air distribution systems for applications of up to 3 stories and 600 square metres per storey. The course provides instruction on such topics as fan laws, duct types and their configurations, air distribution methods, layout and design of low velocity duct systems, design methods, air delivery systems and fire damper installation. Also covered is the sizing of supply and return air ducts, including the proper selection of supply and return registers and grilles, C.F.M calculations, external static pressure and sheet metal fittings. Please note: a Duct-A-Lator is recommended for this course.

The Best Part:  Graduates of this course will have the opportunity to learn about small commercial requirements associated with properly designed commercial air distribution systems.   

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When and where is the course?

Eastern Canada:

Please contact us for scheduling opportunities: 1-800-267-2231 x237 or email

Western Canada:

Please contact us for scheduling opportunities: 1-800-267-2231 x237 or email

What is the cost?

HRAI Member: $735.00 + taxes
Non-Member: $985.00 + taxes

HRAI Training may be eligible for partial fee reimbursement under the Canada Job Grant Fund Program.  Check with your provincial job grant body for more details.

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