Residential Radiant Hydronics Design

Who would benefit from this course?

HVAC technicians, designers

What you will learn

** This 4-day certification program explores how to design basic residential in-floor radiant hydronic heating systems. HRAI strongly recommends individuals attending this course have prior knowledge of Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations and experience in calculating friction losses in ducts or pipes.

The student will learn the fundamentals of radiant heating systems:

  • system components (such as circulators, manifolds, valves, gauges, and controls) and how they influence system design
  • zoning including radiant loop size and configuration
  • tubing size and spacing
  • how to convert heat load calculations into fluid temperatures and flow rates
  • heat transfer through various common building materials and floor coverings

THE BEST PART: The residential radiant hydronics system design methodology that is covered in this course is recognized as a good engineering practice in provincial/national building codes. This course will be invaluable to persons designing hot water radiant heating systems in residential buildings.

** HRAI is an approved education provider with BC Housing – Licensing and Consumer Services.                               

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When and where is the course?

What is the cost?

HRAI Member: $870.00 + taxes
Non-Member: $1125.00 + taxes

HRAI Training may be eligible for partial fee reimbursement under the Canada Job Grant Fund Program.  Check with your provincial job grant body for more details.

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