Residential Air System Design

Who would benefit from this course?

HVAC technicians, designers

What you will learn

** This revised 4-day course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain course. HRAI recommends that individuals interested in attending this course have prior knowledge of residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations.

Participants are taken through a series of theoretical and practical exercises to understand the proper methods of residential air distribution systems designs. This includes layouts and design of duct systems, sizing of supply and return air ducts, and grills. Walk away with real world installation options including worksheets to ease the design process.

THE BEST PART: The residential air distribution system design methodology that is covered in this course is recognized as a good engineering practice in provincial/national building codes. This course is invaluable to persons designing ducted, forced-air heating/cooling systems in residential buildings.

** HRAI is an approved education provider with BC Housing – Licensing and Consumer Services. 

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When and where is the course?

What is the cost?

HRAI Member: $870.00 + taxes
Non-Member: $1125.00 + taxes

HRAI Training may be eligible for partial fee reimbursement under the Canada Job Grant Fund Program.  Check with your provincial job grant body for more details.

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