IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Installer Course

What is the cost?

Member Price:  $1,500.00 + tax   Non-Member Price$1,700.00 + tax

This includes instruction, the exam and certification process.

Please see the Manual and Study Material section for pricing on course material.

HRAI Training may be eligible for partial fee reimbursement under the Canada Job Grant Fund Program (HRAI Registration #R108084138).  Check with your provincial job grant body for more details.

For any assistance, please call 1-800-267-2231 ext 241.


Who would benefit from this course?

HVAC system installers who want to install geothermal heat pump systems in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/CSA C-448-2016 and good industry practice.

What you will learn

The IGSHPA Geothermal Accredited Installer Course includes topics such as: Design and Material Options; System Layout; Pipe Joining Techniques - Hands-on for butt, socket, saddle and electro fusion; Trenching/Drilling Processes; Air and Debris Purging; Pressure Drop Calculations; Pump and Fluid Selection; Thermal Conductivity; Start-up, Performance Checking & Troubleshooting. Upon successful completion of the corresponding exam, IGSHPA Accredited Installer certification will be provided.

  • Design and Material Options
  • System Layout
  • Pipe Joining Techniques - for butt, socket, saddle and electro fusion
  • Trenching/Drilling Processes
  • Air and Debris Purging
  • Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Pump and Fluid Selection
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Start-up, Performance Checking & Troubleshooting


Upon successful completion of the workshop and passing the IGSHPA installer's exam, participants will be issued IGSHPA accreditation as an installer of GSHP systems. This will include an installer's card and an IGSHPA certificate for three years.

Please note that to install geothermal heat pump systems installers must hold the appropriate trade license(s) as required by provincial regulations. HRAI/IGSHPA certification is not a substitute for a trade license and, by itself, does not qualify a person to install geothermal heat pump systems.

Manual and Study Material

Manual Pricing
Res. & Light Com. Design & Install Manual (IGSHPA1) $160*
Soil & Rock Classification Field Manual (IGSHPA2) $55*
Grouting for Vertical GHP Systems (IGSHPA3) $55*
Slinky Insulation Guide (IGSHPA4) $65*
ANSI/CSA/IGSHPA C448 (C448) $150*
IGSHPA AI Study Guide (IGSHPA6) Included with Course Registration

*If you have these manuals, noted with an Asterisks, then you do not need to purchase them upon check out. PLEASE NOTE: if you do not possess these manuals, you will need to purchase them upon registering for this couse. They are needed to reference during the course

When and where is the course?

Location Date Time  

Virtual Classroom

May 14-16, 2024

8:30am - 4:30pm CDT Register Today

Please contact us for scheduling opportunities: 1-800-267-2231 x241 or email training@hrai.ca


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