HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals

What is the cost?

Member Price:  $510.00 + tax   Non-Member Price$675.00 + tax

HRAI Training may be eligible for partial fee reimbursement under the Canada Job Grant Fund Program (HRAI Registration #R108084138).  Check with your provincial job grant body for more details.

For any assistance, please call 1-800-267-2231 ext 241.

Who would benefit from this course?

HVAC Designers, HVAC Installers, Builders, Architectural Designers, Energy Advisors, Building Inspectors, Plans Examiners

What you will learn

Participants will receive the skills and knowledge to balance the airflows of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERVs). They will also have an overview of the installation and measurement requirements. An HRAI checklist for installation and servicing of HRVs and ventilation systems will be made available, for use when on the job. After an instructor led demonstration participants will be divided into two groups to complete a hands-on assessment of balancing and a brief exam on installation requirements and the theory and application of air flow measurement. Participants are encouraged to bring their own measuring equipment and use it in a comfortable learning environment. A digital "HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals" Course Manual is included with your registration fee. For a Hard Copy Manual go to Program Options below and click on “ADD”. There is a $35 charge for shipping/handling.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the basic requirements for locating equipment including grills
  • Explain how to install the condensate line for an HRV/ERV
  • Use commonly available equipment for measure air velocity and/or flow
  • Demonstrate the basic methods for balancing an HRV/ERV
  • Understand when it may be necessary to consult with the designer on issues discovered on site
  • List various ways to improve the airflow in an existing duct system
  • Describe the ways that airflow can be adjusted
  • Interpret a ventilation design to determine the airflow required from the HRV/ERV

Major Takeaways

  • Certification as an HRV/ERV Balancer, which is recognized by many jurisdictions 
  • The ability to use a variety of flow measuring devices to measure and balance air flow
  • A good understanding of installation practices



Details vary depending on the local code, so participants are required to attend HRAI’s Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32 of the Building Code OR Residential Ventilation using CSA F326 course before being able to attend the HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals course.



  HRAI is an approved education provider with BC Housing – Licensing and Consumer Services.



When and where is the course?

Course Type Date Time  

Virtual Classroom

National Participants

Feb. 22, 2023 8:30am - 4:30pm CST Register Today

Virtual Classroom

Ontario Participants

Feb. 22, 2024 8:30am - 4:30pm EST Register Today

Virtual Classroom

National Participants

Mar. 21, 2024 8:30am - 4:30pm CST Register Today

Virtual Classroom

Ontario Participants

Mar. 21, 2024 8:30am - 4:30pm EDT Register Today

Dates not suitable for your schedule?


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Cancellation Policy

  • Registration fees will be refunded in full if cancellation is received by HRAI at least 30 days prior to the training date.
  • Cancellations received 15–29 days prior to the training date are subject to a $150 cancellation fee.
  • Registrants who do not attend the training or who cancel less than 15 days prior to the training date are liable for the entire registration fee.
  • A substitute registrant may be enrolled at any time by contacting us at, or by phone at 1-800-267-2231 ext 230.


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