Why pay to cool rooms you don’t use? Save big with ‘zoning’

Why pay to cool rooms you don’t use? Save big with ‘zoning’ 

If you’re rarely using your basement in the summer, then why are you cooling it? Or alternatively, why are you cooling your bedrooms during the day when they’re usually not in use? 

We’re all trying to save on energy costs these days, so cooling unused rooms 24/7 just doesn’t make sense. In fact, it can eat up as much as 30% of your energy bills over the course of a summer. 

The good news is, there’s another option. It’s called ‘zoning.’ 


Zoning is a new technology that allows you to take a tailored approach to cooling your home. A house is divided into zones, and you control exactly which ones get a blast of air conditioning – and how much – and which ones don’t. This means only those zones actually getting used get cooled. For most people, that would typically be the living room/family room and kitchen during the day, and bedrooms at night. 

Zoning technology can be installed in virtually any home. Dampers are placed in the ductwork to automatically open and close to direct the cooling where it’s needed. For homes with one of the new ductless or “mini-split” systems, a separate indoor unit would be installed in each zone. In both cases, each zone would have its own thermostat or programmable control.

Most people customize zones by floor. In a multiple-storey home, for instance, the top floor may require more cooling than the main floor, which in turn needs more cooling than the basement. While it’s possible to create a separate zone for each room, this would be extremely complex and expensive, so a broader approach is usually taken.

Zoning represents the next step in optimizing comfort in your home. Many of us already have programmable thermostats to automatically control temperature at different hours of the day. Now you can cool your home by zone as well. It’s all about introducing a balanced approach to air conditioning – one that’s good for the environment, and your pocketbook. 

A professional air conditioning contractor can explain exactly how to go about zoning your AC system – and go over all the benefits. To find a qualified contractor, visit the HRAI Contractor Locator or call the hotline at 1-877-467-4724




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