Are Furnace Noises Keeping You Up at Night?

We all like a musical interlude now and then – but not if the banging is coming from your furnace. In fact, if you’re hearing banging noises when your furnace turns on, it might be caused by a number of issues. Ignoring the sounds can lead to serious – and often costly – problems. 

One situation that causes banging is dirty burners.  This can delay the ignition causing gas to build before the burners ignite. In this case what you’re hearing are small explosions of excess gas. If that sounds a little scary, it is. Ignoring the problem can lead to a cracked heat exchanger or worse, and once the heat exchanger goes; you need to buy a new furnace.


If banging noises are happening away from the furnace, then you may be hearing expanding and contracting air ducts. Different parts of the air ducts pop in or out as air is blown and sucked through them. 

Though less serious, this problem also requires attention. Your air filter may be so clogged that it is not working properly, or the ducts may be undersized for the system. Sometimes closed vents also cause expansion and contraction. 

Whatever the reason for the strange banging sounds, it’s almost certain your system is not operating efficiently, and that costs you money every month. So the next time your furnace puts on a musical performance, think of it as a call to action and contact a qualified contractor to come and have a look.
To learn more and locate a qualified contractor to service your air ducts and furnace system, go to the Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) Contractor Locator page, or call 1-877-467-HRAI (4724).

All HRAI member contractors have been pre-screened and have the required trade licences, technical certifications and insurance coverage to work on your system.




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