Fix Your Humidity Blues

It’s a beautiful winter morning but as you open the blinds it becomes apparent that the window is perspiring generously. The first impulse is to turn down the humidifier on the furnace, but that barely improves the situation.

There are, however, many options to get the comfort level needed – and your decisions will be based on several factors. For instance, installing windows that have a high condensation resistance may manage the window weeping conundrum. 


Or, could the issue be in the heart and lungs of your home?

If so, another option to combat window condensation is through the home’s ventilation system. Installing a dual purpose solution such as a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) could also be the answer.  These systems supply continuous fresh air from the outside into your house. They also act as dehumidifiers in the colder months – exhausting excess humid air out of your home and replenishing it with dry outdoor air. Depending on the degree of indoor humidity, they can provide an adequate solution during this time.

Tackling humidity is important. In addition to causing discomfort and compromising your health, high humidity can lead to mold and mildew and could create environments loved by moths, fleas and dust mites. 

Homeowners need to examine their specific requirements to figure out the most effective, sensible, and cost efficient approach to the best ventilation practices.

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