7 Steps To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly All Season Long

Switching your thermostat from “heat” to “cool” is usually a sign that summer is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about your air conditioning system.


While a yearly check-up is best left to a qualified contractor, there are some things homeowners can do to optimize the use of an air conditioning unit to avoid an unexpected malfunction in the middle of a hot summer.

1) Clean or replace the furnace filter. The air conditioner needs the furnace to circulate the air and a dirty filter circulates dust and other particles throughout the house, cutting down on a furnace’s efficiency.

2) Reduce thermostat setting. The thermostat should be set below the room temperature and not set for cooling below 20 degrees Celsius which can cause a multitude of problems with your air–conditioner, including freezing up. Ideally, set the thermostat to 25.5°C when at home; 29°C when away.

3) Turn the humidifier off during the summer season. Leaving the humidifier on will only increase the use of the air conditioning unit and force it work harder.

5) Reduce sunlight through windows. Close your drapes or shades on sunny days and ensure all windows in the house are closed.

6) Close off vents in any unused rooms.

7) Use ceiling fans to circulate the air.

Optimizing your air conditioning unit can lead to energy savings, higher efficiency and your machine running smoothly all season long.

Book a qualified professional to make sure your air conditioning system is operating safely and efficiently. Consumers can learn more and locate a qualified contractor to service their air conditioning systems by going to our Contractor Locator pageHRAI You Tube channel or calling 1-877-467-HRAI (4724).  All HRAI Member Contractors have been prescreened and have the required trade licenses, technical certifications and insurance coverage.

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