3 Common Signs of Furnace Trouble

As the cold Canadian climate sneaks up and furnaces are ready to be turned on, what should homeowners be thinking about?  Did you experience any of these issues with your furnace last year?  


  • Furnace suddenly started making whining, banging, or other strange sounds 
  • Kept nudging the thermostat up just to keep your home warm
  • Noticed a sudden jump in your energy bills but the outside temperatures have been relatively steady

It may be time to get an annual furnace check up. Learn more and locate a qualified contractor to service your air ducts, furnace and air conditioning systems by going to the Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) Contractor Locator page, or calling 1-877-467-HRAI (4724).  

All HRAI Member Contractors have been prescreened and have the required trade licenses, technical certifications and insurance coverage to work on your system.





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