HRAI Launches Climate Action Statement for the HVACR Industry


Scott McDonald, Chair of HRAI, Climate Action Statement AnnouncementOn May 31, 2022, HRAI Chair Scott McDonald announced HRAI’s climate action statement for the HVACR industry in Canada at a press conference at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

“We are proud today to be making a commitment on behalf of the Canadian HVACR industry to tackling climate change and supporting governments in reaching their climate change objectives,” said McDonald. “The HVACR industry is already at the forefront of helping to reduce Canada’s GHG emissions. The companies and workers in our sector are responsible for retrofitting existing buildings and for installing new heating systems in houses and buildings across Canada. Simply put, without our industry, governments would not be able to achieve the emissions reduction target that have been set for Canadians,” continued McDonald.

Homes and buildings currently account for 18% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions. To address these environmental impacts, the federal government has set some bold targets and has initiated programs for the retrofitting of buildings and for the adoption of low carbon technologies.

The announcement was support by a communications plan in Ottawa that included a full-page advertisement in the Hill Times (a publication widely read by elected officials and staff in Ottawa) and a series of meetings with Members of Parliament and Ministerial staff (see separate story).  This communications plan will continue through the summer and into the fall, both in Ottawa and in the provinces, with a goal of alerting federal and provincial elected leaders about the vital role that the HVACR industry can play in assisting Canadians.  

For more information, contact Martin Luymes, VP Governement and Stakeholder Relations, HRAI,