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Statistical Analysis

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada’s (HRAI) manufacturers division offers members the opportunity to participate in statistical programs for gathering and compiling statistical data on shipments and bookings of various indoor environment products. Monthly reports from participating members are compiled and released in summary with geographic breakouts for use in planning and comparing company performance.

All reports and detailed summaries are kept strictly confidential to participating members. General statistics are available to the public through quarterly news releases ($125 for annual subscription) and to members in the Manufacturers Link.

Statistical programs include residential and commercial unitary air conditioning and heat pumps, furnaces (oil, gas and electric), unit heaters, large tonnage and reciprocating liquid chillers and absorption chillers, and ductless split systems.

Statistical Reporting
If you are a member of HRAI and are not currently participating in the statistical programs, but you are a manufacturer shipping product in any of the product categories, contact the division to learn how you can start participating.

Statistical Reporting Forms