“Quality of knowledge from course instructor was very helpful in understanding the course material.”
Chad MacPherson, Kerr Controls Ltd., Glace Bay, NS

“I feel that this completed the big picture for me. Now I feel confident in my ability not only to design the system but how to commission them.”
Mark Barron, Zed-Air Heating & Air Conditioning, London, ON

“The instructor geared the course towards the audience and the course material was well presented.”
Maureen Berard, City of Yorkton, Yorkton, SK

“I am thoroughly satisfied. I understand the subject and will use the information, including advice from other students, in my design work.”
Kelly Bindle, Bindle Engineering Ltd., Thompson, MB

SkillTech Instructors

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Robert Bean, R.E.T.

R Bean

Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.)
As a registered engineering technologist in the discipline of building construction, Robert has over 25 years of experience as an educator and a designer of indoor environmental systems.  Robert has developed and instructed many continuing education programs within the building sciences field, serves as a distinguished lecturer for ASHRAE and has been an instructor for SkillTech Academy since 2004.


Dan Boyd

An Energy Programs Officer with Nova Scotia Home Builders Association since 2008, Dan, who is a certified Energy Advisor,  is involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry including conducting energy audits, quality assurance inspections and promoting energy efficient and affordable housing through Energy Star, EnerGuide Rating Service and R-2000.  Dan has owned and operated Enersol-Home Energy Consulting Inc. since 2007 and he joined the SkillTech Instructor team in the Spring of 2014.

Tom Cates

T Cates

Tom Cates, RASDT, RHDT
A licensed sheet metal mechanic and gas technician, Tom has been involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry for the past 30 years.  Tom has worked for both large and small contracting companies in the residential, commercial and industrial sector and for a number of years, owned and operated his own metal fabricating company.  Tom has been an instructor for SkillTech Academy since 2006.


Rex Cotter

Rex Cotter

Rex Cotter
A 40 year veteran of the residential HVAC industry, Rex owned and operated his own heating and sheet metal company prior to beginning his career in the educational field.  Rex has held various teaching positions within local community vocational colleges as an instructor in the Oil Burner Mechanic program.  In addition Rex has also conducted training for R2000, Energy Efficient Housing and Wood Heating as well as in Occupational Health and Safety.  Rex has been an accredited HRAI Instructor since 1986.


Tom Dyer

Tom Dyer, RASDT

Tom Dyer, RASDT
A 40 year veteran of the residential/commercial HVAC industry, Tom spent 37 years as a professor in the sheet metal department of a local community college. Tom, who currently operates a consulting business that specializes in system design and IAQ, has been an accredited HRAI Instructor since 1989.


John Harris, P.Eng

John Harris, P.Eng,RASDT

John Harris, P.Eng, RASDT, RHDT
John has owned and operated a Building Science Consulting firm since 1999, and prior to that was in the engineering management field for 13 years. John is a Certified Energy Advisor and Trainer for the Natural Resources Canada Energuide For Houses Program and he has taught a wide range of building science topics including Building Services for Architectural Technologists.


John Hockman

John Hockman, RASDT

John Hockman, RASDT
With a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Pre-Masters degree in Architecture, John has been a consultant and designer of energy efficient housing and advanced mechanical systems for houses for over 40 years.  John has designed, written and delivered many residential technical and business training programs, and has been an Instructor of SkillTech Academy’s residential courses since 1989.  In 2000, John won Canada’s Energy Efficiency Award for the design of a super energy efficient “green” home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Nick Reggi

John Hockman, RASDT

Nick Reggi, C.E.T., MSc. Eng., RASDT, RHDT
A 30 year veteran of the industry who spent 28 years as an HVAC professor at a local community college, Nick has also worked with a major manufacturer and has been an instructor of SkillTech Academy’s training programs since 2008.  Nick holds a Certificate of Qualification for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, is a long standing member of the RSES Board of Directors and has developed and delivered a variety of HVACR courses for a wide array of organizations.



Mike Vader

Mike Vader
A licensed sheet metal mechanic, refrigeration mechanic and a master gas fitter, Mike, who began his career in the HVACR industry in 1978, is also certified in commercial and residential geothermal design/installation.  Employed as a sheet metal instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology since 2002, Mike owns and operates an HVAC contracting and consulting company in the Edmonton area.  Mike joined the HRAI SkillTech Academy instructor team in the spring of 2014.