Making Sense of Amendments to Ontario Energy Efficiency Regulation Published

An amendment to Ontario’s Energy Efficiency Regulation (O.Reg. 404/12) under the Green Energy Act, 2009 has been published on e-laws as O. Reg. 298/14. This amendment sets or enhances minimum efficiency standards for 22 products.

The amendment includes the following major changes to what was proposed and posted on the Environmental Registry in September, 2014:

 The new amendment became effective on January 1, 2015.

HRAI encourages its members to view the amendment details on Service Ontario’s e-Laws website at (search for O.Reg. 298/14) where all lines with changes are highlighted.

In addition, click here for a synopsis of all major changes affecting member products.  For more information contact Chang Lee at HRAI, or phone: 1-800-267-2231 Ext: 268.


New CO Alarm Response Policy for Ontario Residence in Enbridge Gas Distribution Area

HRAI was passed a notice from Enbridge indicating a change to CO alarm response policy that will align Enbridge with the industry-established best practices and will trigger the fastest response time possible.

The statement is as follows:
‘Beginning Nov. 1, 2014, Enbridge will respond to CO alarm calls only when assistance is requested by the fire department attending the call. Enbridge Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will ask customers reporting CO alarms if anyone is experiencing symptoms of CO exposure.  If they are experiencing symptoms, the CSR will advice the caller to ventilate the premises, and will immediately conference the local fire department into the call and remain on the line until the call is transferred.  If there are no symptoms of CO  exposure, the CSR will advise the caller to ventilate the premises, check the CO alarm for low batteries, call 911 if the detector alarms again, and to call a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect and repair the gas-fired equipment if required’

Enbridge has asked HRAI to share this with the membership.  Your consumers can go to for more consumer related info.