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HRAI training and technical resources are essential tools within the HVAC workplace and within a growing number of jurisdictions, HRAI certification is becoming mandatory.

HRAI's education and training division, "SkillTech Acadamy" offers comprehensive technical manuals to increase awareness and working knowledge of heating ventilation and air conditioning HVAC fundamentals, system design and installation.

HRAI Technical Manuals

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Residential     Click image to view
SAR-R1 Res. Heat Loss/ Heat Gain Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00
SAR-R2 Res. Air System Design Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00
SAR-R4 Res. Mech. Ventilation Member $120.00
Non Member $160.00
SAR-R7 Res. Integrated Combo Heating Systems Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00
SAR-R8 Residential Commissioning Manual Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00
SAR-R10 Residential Indoor Air Quality Member: $135.00
Non Member $215.00
EX-008 Residential Radiant Hydronics Design Manual Member $120.00
Non Member $160.00
SAR-R5 Res. Mech. Ventilation - U.S. Manual * Member N/A
Non Member $80.00 (US$)
SAR-C2 Small Commercial Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculations Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00
SAR-C3 Small Commercial Air System Design Member $100.00
Non Member $140.00




The following worksheets are available in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed at no charge from then go to SkillTech/Technical Resources/Worksheets.

Commissioning of Integrated Combo Systems
Integrated Combo System
Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations
Residential Air System Design
Residential Mechanical Ventilation Record (W2)
Small Commercial Heat Gain & Heat Loss Calculations

SAT-G1 Duct-a-Lator $60.00 $80.00


In-Class Courses
HRAI offers the following in-class courses in many locations across the country. (Course Schedule)
Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations (4 days)
Residential Air Systems Design (4 days)
Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation - Level I (3 days)
Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design - Level II (3 days)
Residential Integrated Combo Systems (2 days)
Residential Commissioning (2 days)
Residential Indoor Air Quality Awareness (2 days)
Residential Radiant Hydronics Design (4 days)
Small Commercial Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations (3 days)
Small Commercial Air System Design (3 days)
CFC/HCFC Control in the Refrigeration & A/C Industry (1 day)