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HRAI Associate Member Categories

Association/Trade Press

From the building construction, renovation or maintenance sector (builders, building maintenance, home inspection , etc.).

Buying Group/Consolidator
Provides collective services to groups of HVACR industry companies, and is either owned by the group or is independently owned.

Markets non-traditional HVACR products or services (computers, business forms, insurance, vehicles, etc.) to the HVACR industry.

Provides consulting services to and/or for the HVACR industry either directly or to the consumer sector.

Educational Institution
Provincially- or federally-accredited institute of learning (community college, university, vocational school, etc.)

Fuel and Energy Supplier
Gas or electric utility, oil or propane supply/distributor, energy supplier or retail broker.

Government and Enforcement Agency
Municipal, provincial, First Nation, governmental or enforcement body or agency.

Manufacturer’s Representative – Agent
Manufacturer representative/agent that markets goods and equipment directly to the HVACR supply chain, but does not take possession of or invoice for the goods.

Manufacturer’s Representative – Distributor
Represents one or more manufacturers’ product lines, sells those products to the wholesaler, and carries inventory and/or takes ownership of the products.