Tony Chapman, Keynote, Moderator, Media Personality & Consultant

Stop Selling and Start Storytelling

The marketplace is drowning in a sea of sameness; too many products, too much clutter and too little differentiation. So what can we do to get attention and results with our communication?

Tony Chapman is a master strategist who has engineered go to market strategies for leading organizations across the world. He knows what it takes to make things happen and rise above the clutter to win in today’s marketplace. The key is to be part of your customers stories versus simply telling them yours; to shift the conversation from what your products or services are to how your products and services can better enable their lives and their livelihoods.  Whether in a boardroom or on a sales call, on a trade show floor or working with your advertising campaign, Tony will share his secrets on how to best engage your audience and give them a meaningful reason to buy.

The media has labelled him a Marketing Guru and he is an authority on how to build brands, and sell strategically and profitably in today's volatile marketplace.  Tony Chapman isn't just a great motivational speaker, he also delivers enthusiasm and insight as a noted personality on television and radio.

Ken Wong, Marketing & Strategic Planning Expert

Competing Against Giants: How Smaller Firms Can Prosper

In an era where industry consolidation and mergers are creating scale-advantaged giants in almost every line of business, some smaller firms have found a way to not only survive but prosper. Learn how to capitalize on the disadvantages that large size can bring, how to leverage the unique qualities of small scale operations and how to use organizational arrangements to reap many of the benefits of large size without sacrificing the positive aspects of being a smaller enterprise.

With work that has earned him the cover of Canadian Business and Strategy magazine and a place in the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends, Ken brings the ‘culprits’ alive in his Canadian content-dense, yet fun-filled presentation that sheds new light on business realities. His writing and videos can be found on Teva, MSN, Globe and Mail and Microsoft.

Ken Wong is a Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Smith School of Business at Queen's University.

Peter Straszynski, Partner, Labour & Employment Law, Torkin Manes LLP

Weed and the Workplace: What You Need to Know About the Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic and is on every business owner’s mind.  What can employers do to get their employee policies up to date to protect the company, their employees and their client relationships?

Peter Norman, VP & Chief Economist, Altus Group

Economic Intelligence for the Canadian Economy

Get the latest internal and external developments effecting the housing market, new housing construction, renovation spending, and ICI and engineering construction investment.

Robert Bean, Indoor Climate Consultants Inc.

Online, Simple and Free: Thermal Discomfort Risk Assessment Tools for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings

Most everything the HVAC industry does is to deliver comfort to the occupants yet still 97% of industry participants can’t describe it nor quantify it (my stats after 15 years of surveys). It gets worse…since the early days of promoting energy efficient housing countless millions of tax payer dollars have gone to programs to improve insulation, air leakage and tightness and yet according to the Rocky Mountain Institute 70% of people who completed whole home upgrades did it to improve thermal comfort and 63% did it to reduce sound - not energy efficiency. Governments and academia are pushing efficiency but consumers are asking for comfort. Industry says it can provide comfort, but can’t demonstrate how.

Michael Asner, Owner, Michael Asner Consulting

What Evaluators Are Really Looking For: Focusing Your Proposals on What Really Matters

Michael has spent a career on evaluating the side of business transactions. In this presentation, Michael will educate attendees on what a winning proposal looks like. These invaluable lessons can be applied to any situation whether you are writing a formal proposal or trying to build your business. It is about setting yourself apart from the competition.  

He has spoken to groups of engineers, contractors, software companies and small private sector firms, covering many industries.

Ron Zimmer, President & CEO, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

IoT Trends Revealed as it Relates to Intelligent Residential & Commercial Buildings, Net Zero Energy, Controls and Cybersecurity

Intelligent Buildings research, from the following CABA Research Reports:
1. Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things
2. Zero Net Energy and Building Controls
3. Cybersecurity and Intelligent Buildings

Cal Harrison, President, Beyond Referrals

Online Lead Generation - Why Experts Are More "Findable" Online

Most “SEO” and “online lead generation services” are a scam. There is only one sustainable and legitimate way to rank on Google and drive new clients to your site and that involves creating a certain number of words of expert content, on a regular schedule, and sharing that with email and/or social media databases. The strategy is simple and straightforward but success lies in actually executing the strategy. So how do small companies AND large companies actually create the content and make it work – even without a dedicated marketing department? Is it actually possible to get an AC installer to “write” 750 words every month of expert content? You bet it is. I will show you how others turn their front line workers into content generating machines and then how Google turns that into new customer leads.