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About Wholesalers Division

"Providing Quality Services for HVACR Wholesalers in the Canadian Market" – The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada’s (HRAI) wholesalers division represents companies that distribute products and services to the indoor environment industry.

Programs & Services

Communications - HRAI’s wholesalers division communications include the "Industry News" that contains current communications and member information.

Education and Training - Education and training specific to the wholesaler sector as well as HVACR system design training and technical materials through the HRAI SkillTech Academy.

Statistics and Trends - In-depth statistical data on Canadian wholesaler sales and market trends. Members have the opportunity to participate in confidential programs for gathering and compiling statistical data on HVACR wholesaler sales on partnership with Statistics Canada. Monthly reports from participating members are confidentially compiled and released in summary with geographic breakouts for use in planning and comparing company performance. All reports and detailed summaries are kept strictly confidential to participating members. National trends are also released to members on a regular basis.

Interactive Member Programs - Programs provide opportunities for wholesalers to interact with fellow wholesalers and share valuable information on business issues such as credit, e-commerce and distribution sciences. These programs include training courses, the Credit Managers Network, the bi-annual Compensation and Benefits Survey.

Industry Relations - Representation and technical industry input to federal and provincial government agencies on legislative and regulatory matters, and the product standards and code development process at the national and international levels. Current issues of importance to members include electronic commerce, refrigerant regulations and standardization of containers, energy efficiency and changes to the HVACR of containers, energy efficiency and changes to the HVACR product index, and fair competition in the deregulated marketplace.

CMPX Show - Owned by HRAI in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), the biennial Canadian Mechanicals Exposition is the premier national trade show for the indoor environment industry in Canada. Held in March of "even" years (2006, 2008, etc.) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, CMX/CIPHEX provides an opportunity to view the newest products and services in the industry, and to exhibit products and services to more than 20,000 trade attendees. Members who exhibit in CMX/CIPHEX also receive a 10% rebate on booth space costs.

Benefit of a Three Sector Partnership

An added benefit for wholesalers division members are the partnerships available within HRAI. The wholesalers division joins with the contractors and manufacturers divisions in an alliance that provides a common source for member services, and a forum to address issues and programs of interest to all three.

Structured to Serve Member Needs

The wholesalers division is governed by a six-member Board of Directors that represents both national and regional wholesaler members. The matrix of the Board includes Directors from the east, central and west regions of the country, and a Chair and Past Chair. Directors and officers (Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer) are elected by the general membership.

Decisions on programs, services and resources are made by members acting collectively during the annual meeting or other member meetings, or by the Board. The division’s expenses and revenues are defined in a detailed annual budget approved and administered by the Board. Member dues are established by the Board to meet the annual budget expenses.

HRAI staff administer the activities of the division with guidance provided by the Board and members.

Member-Driven Services

The wholesalers division provides its members with a wide variety of programs and services that directly impact on their companies and bottom lines, and a forum to collectively address industry issues. These services respond to the ongoing needs of the division membership. The Board of Directors regularly surveys members to ensure the current services continue to meet expectations.

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